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Welcome to Hancocks

Purveyors of the finest vintage and contemporary jewellery in the heart of London, since 1849.

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Welcome to Hancocks

Purveyors of the finest vintage and contemporary jewellery in the heart of London, since 1849.

At Hancocks we have felt a strong affinity with San Francisco and its culture and have been making jewellery for customers based there for many years
At Hancocks we have felt a strong affinity with San Francisco and its culture and have been making jewellery for customers based there for many years

Recently we have seen a marked growth in our business there, particularly for engagement rings and we are delighted to be working with so many new clients in San Francisco.

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In particular, our focus on using recycled precious metals in our jewellery alongside the antique and vintage diamonds we specialise in seems to resonate with San Franciso clients.  Using these old stones is by far the most sustainable and ecologically friendly option for diamond jewellery when compared to the environmental cost of newly mined and manufactured diamonds.

Our latest collection, playfully called Slinky Shoulders, shows off a selection of these diamonds beautifully.  It features a variety of shapes and sizes of old-cut diamonds, all set with coloured gemstone shoulders, adding a contemporary pop of colour to an otherwise classic design.

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Guy Burton, Director, Hancocks London, says:

“This collection evolved from discussions we had about different ways to complement and enhance our beautiful old cut diamond solitaire rings. We wanted something different to the diamond embellishments or hand engraved details we have used before and after playing with different designs which enhanced the central diamond, we came up with these slinky, colourful shoulders.”

The unique old-cut diamonds are all enhanced by elegant tapering shoulders set with specially cut aquamarines, sapphires or emeralds.

Guy Burton adds:

“Cutting stones to fit exactly into a design like this is known as calibre cut. Each one of these coloured gems has been designed and cut by hand so that they precisely fit into the shoulders of the band of each ring. The attention to detail this affords is reflected in the beauty of these jewels.

“Our beautiful antique diamonds don’t necessarily need any embellishment but sometimes it’s good to add a splash of colour, subtle or otherwise. We hope these rings will appeal to people who like their classics with a little contemporary twist.”

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Just arrived and this emerald is electric! ⚡️This beautiful Hancocks handcrafted three stone ring has a central 2.11ct Columbian emerald set between lovely old mine cushion cut diamonds of 1.01ct and 1.09ct. You can see as the ring turns the gemstones are all set with beautiful handcrafted detailing in the gold and platinum, this kind of precision is the embodiment of the craftsmanship we value and are so proud of at Hancocks. Not yet up on the website so please get in touch via DM or whatsaap if you would like to know more 💚💚💚#hancockslondon #mayfairlondon #handcraftedjewellery #emerald #columbianemerald #threestonering #oldminecut #vintagegems #sustainablestyle #emeraldring #madeinlondon #mondaymood #mondaymotivation #ringsofinstagram
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Just arrived and not on the website yet, this great bangle is by Angela Cummings and is 18ct yellow gold inlaid with carved and polished ovals of black jade.If, like me you love wearing black 🖤 (and gold 🤩) this will literally go with your entire wardrobe… Angela Cummings is of course very well known for her work with Tiffany & Co. and remains one of the few named designers to work with the firm. Her eponymous business she launched after was also extremely successful. Her work is highly collectible and this bangle is instantly recognisable as an Angela Cummings jewel, it epitomises her recognisable style. DM or whatsaap for details as not up on the website yet!
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3…2…1… a Ruby appreciation moment! ❤️Since Ruby is the birthstone of July this really had to be done! We adore rubies here at Hancocks and this is a small selection of our handcrafted rings that are all set with delicious red rubies we have curated. All of the rubies in this reel are unheated and from Burma which has long been considered the origin of preference for the finest rubies, and if the stone is vivid, saturated and rich enough to be bestowed with the term ‘pigeon’s blood’ these are considered the crème de la crème…. It’s rare but 2 of the beauties in this reel can boast that certification… DM or whatsaap to discuss more❤️❤️❤️#hancockslondon #birthstones #ruby #rubyring #julybirthdays #handcrafted #handmadeinlondon #burmaruby #pigeonsblood #finejewellery #londonstyle #timelessstyle #jewellerydesign #engagementring #ringoftheday #jewellerylover #jewelrygram
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I’m pretty certain if you are scrolling Instagram you can’t have missed the Barbie movie references so here is my Hancocks #barbiecore offering…. 💕We do love our pink gemstones here at Hancocks so enjoy a relaxing reel of bright pink sapphires, pastel pink diamonds and padparadscha sapphires… don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions about any of the jewels (Yes I know I have opted for a P!nk song instead of the obvious Aqua but I overplayed that song as a teenager and I just cannot….) 😅🩷🩷🩷#hancockslondon #barbie #barbiestyle #pinkjewellery #padparadscha #pinkdiamond #pinksapphire #handcraftedjewelry #londonstyle #engagementring #mayfair #londonjewellery
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🩷🩵 We don’t only do diamonds! 💚❤️In the words of Henri Matisse… “With colour one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft” I love this quote… do you have a coloured gemstone that speaks to you? That makes you inexplicably smile when you look it? DM or whatsaap for details on any of the rings in this reel🧡💚💛💙🩷🩵🤍🤎#hancockslondon #colouredgemstones #handcraftedring #mayfairjeweller #vintagegems #ringoftheday #jewellerygram #mondaymood #birthstone #britishcraftsmanship #jewellerylover #jewelleryaddict #luxurylifestyle
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Hancocks through the eyes of katerina_perez Katerina Perez made this fantastic reel showcasing a few of the showstopper diamond rings we currently have in our collection. These rings are each such incredibly beautiful old cut diamonds and I love seeing them showcased so perfectly and with the unique individuality of each shining through! If you are also wondering about the book Katerina has filmed the rings on, it is the original Hancocks diary which dates back to the early days of Hancocks. The diary starts in 1866, and reading it is like taking a casual stroll through history with all kinds of interesting moments documented from important historical references to the World Wars, Charles Dickens is mentioned, there are visits from Napoleon III and numerous dealings with Queen Victoria. As you can imagine it’s very easy to get absorbed into reading it as you just don’t know what will be on the next page! Thank you katerina_perez 💎💎💎 #hancockslondon #katerinaperez #oldcutdiamond #vintagestyle #antiquediamond #asschercut #oldminecut #ovalcut #fancycolourdiamonds #recycleddiamonds #timelessstyle #oneofakind
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If you want your diamond ring to be a little different, unique, rare and undeniably beautiful are you asking too much? Absolutely not! This Hancocks diamond ring has it all, the 2.53ct double bullet shape diamond is so unconventional and we have designed a beautiful diamond set handcrafted ring around it that not only compliments the diamond perfectly, it has also created a highly wearable ring that could work beautifully stacked or worn alone. The platinum is hand engraved with our signature Hancocks style and adds that extra dimension of detail that we love. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more! 💎💎💎#hancockslondon #oneofakind #oneofakindring #ringoftheday #diamondring #engagementring #uniqueengagementring #uniquediamonds #handcrafted #madeinlondon #craftmanship #londonstyle #timelessstyle #jewellerydesign
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❤️ Say “I Love You” the Cartier way… ❤️Not up on the website yet so DM or whatsaap for details #hancockslondon #cartier #iloveyou #romanticgift #lovejewellery #anniversarygift #romance #timelessstyle #spinner #cartierpendant #cartierspinner #romanceisnotdead #finejewellery #londonstyle #luxurylifestyle #luxurystyle
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