Scottish Gold Hardstone Bulla-Style Locket Fringed Pendant

A beautiful gold and Scottish pebble bulla pendant, c. 1870, the striking pendant of Etruscan-inspired ‘bulla’ design centred on a flower motif with gold bead centre surrounded by six lobes of various hardstones in different colours including agate, bloodstone and jasper, set within a decorative border of inlaid hardstones and ornate engraving surmounted by a similarly decorated large hinged bale, opening to reveal a round glazed panel and with three articulated drops suspended beneath.

Further Details

Gemstones and Other MaterialsAgate, bloodstone and jasper
Condition ReportExtremeley fine condition
Setting18ct yellow gold
Weight description30 grams
Dimensions6ms x 3.6cms

Directors Notes

The fashion for jewellery set with Scottish hardstones began in the mid 19th Century and owes much to Queen Victoria. Her love of Scotland is well documented and after buying Balmoral in 1852 her visits became more frequent. She owned and wore various items of what is frequently referred to as ‘Scottish pebble jewellery’ some of which she commissioned herself from stones she had personally collected. The wide range of colours and patterns found in the opaque gemstones native to Scotland made them ideal for use in a wide range of styles and produced some very attractive jewellery that is widely collected today.


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