Rare Japonisme style Three Colour Gold Cuff Bangle in original fitted case.

A fine and rare Victorian gold bangle in the Japonisme style c.1870, the wide cuff bangle of oval shape in satin-finish yellow gold, the front applied with a naturalistic scene of three cranes, one eating a fish, one standing with wings spread and the other in flight, amongst bamboo, bulrushes and flowers, finely depicted in yellow, green and rose gold, in original fitted leather case with silk and velvet lining by Martin & Co.


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Condition ReportVery fine
Setting18ct green, rose and yellow gold
Weight description37.5 grams
Dimensions3.2cms wide, inner circumference 16cm

Directors Notes

Japonisme is a term used to describe the fascination with and influence of Japanese art that occurred throughout Europe and beyond during the second half of the 19th Century. When the Japanese ports re-opened to Western trade in 1854 after more than 200 years, there followed an influx of Japanese arts and crafts such as fans, silks, prints, kimonos and objets d’art. The aesthetic and philosophies of Japanese design became highly fashionable and influenced many different creative art forms from painting and furniture to jewellery. Many Western artists and designers were inspired by the perceived exoticism of the East and incorporated elements of the style into their own work, sometimes subtly and other times overtly. Jewellers such as Tiffany & Co., Falize and Cartier all celebrated Japanese design in their jewellery of this period and beautiful pieces, such as this gold bangle, serve to remind us of this important stylistic period in art and jewellery history.