A Stunning Platinum, Diamond and Ruby Cockatoo Brooch

A wonderful platinum and gem-set cockatoo brooch by Garrards & Co c.1960s, the bird sat on a branch and facing forwards but with head turned to one side to show off his spectacular crest. The body is formed in platinum and has been expertly engraved to resemble feathers to both the front and back of the piece, the feet are in yellow gold along with the beak which is highlighted with orange enamel whilst the crest has been set throughout with single cut diamonds and calibre step cut rubies. He is perched on a gold branch and there is a single brooch pin fitting to the reverse, accompanied by the original red leather fitted case. This is a beautiful brooch with exemplary craftsmanship and detail by the company that were, at the time this was made, the Crown Jewellers to Her Majesty the Queen. Cockatoos are renowned as fun-loving and intelligent birds with cheeky personalities and this little chap would be perfect to sit on your shoulder or lapel and accompany you through your day.

Further Details

Gemstones and Other Materials28 x single cut diamonds and 20 x calibre rubies
Condition ReportVery good
Setting18ct gold and platinum
Weight description20 grams
Dimensions5.2cm / 2" long


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Garrard, the famous London firm of silversmiths and jewellers, was founded in 1735 by George Wickes.  He was born in to a family of craftsmen and was apprenticed to Samuel Wastell at 14 before gaining his freedom and registering his own maker’s mark in 1722. In 1735 he established his own business in the West End of London on Panton Street and his reputation as a skilled silversmith quickly spread.  Within the year he was receiving commissions from aristocratic patrons as well as the firm’s first royal order which was placed by Frederick, Prince of Wales. 

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