A Stunning Antique Diamond Sun Burst Brooch

A stunning Victorian diamond sunburst brooch c.1880s, centred with an old cut diamond in cut down collect from which radiates twenty four curved overlapping rays, all tapering to a pointed tip and set throughout with old cut diamonds, all set in silver backed with gold to a single pin brooch fitting. Sunburst motifs, along with crescent moons and stars were popular motifs during the mid to late Victorian era however the sun is an ancient symbol and has been depicted across all cultures throughout time from the ancient Egyptians onwards. Representative of eternal life, power, birth and divinity the sunburst is found in many forms represented in architecture, heraldry, art, jewellery and more. This beautiful brooch has been set with a multitude of bright and lively diamonds and whilst it isn’t going to keep you warm, it certainly shines brightly.

Further Details

Gemstones and Other Materials103 x old cut diamonds estimated to weigh a combined total of approximately 6.5cts
Condition ReportVery good
SettingSilver on gold
Weight description13 grams
Dimensions4.2cm / 1.65" diameter
PeriodVictorian, circa 1880s


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