Wonderful Antique Collection of Egg Pendants suspended from a Gold Necklace.

A wonderful collection of Victorian and Edwardian egg pendants and charms c.1880 – 1920, all suspended from a long double chain necklace, the 26 charms are of varying colours and patterns are set with gemstones, with several opening to reveal locket compartments inside or hidden figures.

Further Details

Condition ReportVery fine
SettingGold and Silver
Weight description142 grams
Dimensions50" long
Gemstones1)Turquoise and diamond 2)Rose quartz and rock crystal 4)Sapphire 5)Lapis and diamond 6)Rock crystal with ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond 7)Sapphire 8)Ruby and diamond 9)Sapphire and diamond 10)Rose quartz and ruby 11)Bloodstone 12)Amazonite and diamond 13)Rock crystal 14)Sapphire and diamond 16)Citrine 17)Bowenite 18)Sapphire 19)Sapphire 23)Rock crystal and synthetic ruby 24)Rock crystal 25)Ruby


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