Victorian 1880s

A Pair of Essex Crystal Cufflinks Painted With Pugs

A pair of Victorian Essex Crystal dog cufflinks circa 1880s, each double ended gold cufflink set with two round reverse intaglio rock crystals carved and painted with the head of a pug, each representing a different dog, one brown and white and one black and white per cufflink and all wearing collars, the intaglios are very finely carved with great depth and are rub over set into a gold backing with chain links. Originating in the mid-19th century in Belgium, this reverse carving and painting technique spread through Europe to England. A steady hand was required to carve the reverse of the cabochons and then carefully paint them so that the finished result, viewed through the dome, was as three dimensional and ‘life-like’ as possible. Animals and sporting themes are most common and many pieces actually commemorate real animals. Today this genre is highly collectable and cufflinks such as these, with their four charming little pugs, would make a wonderful gift for a collector or indeed a pug owner.

Further Details

Condition ReportVery good
SettingYellow gold
Weight description11.3 grams
DimensionsEach face 15mm diameter
Gemstones4 x round reverse carved rock crystal quartz cabochons


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