3.10ct Type IIa Moval Diamond ‘Disorient’ Platinum Ring

A type IIa diamond and platinum ‘Disorient’ dress ring by Hancocks. The ring has a central 3.10ct antique moval cut, D colour diamond set within a handcrafted asymmetric framework of platinum, tapering to the reverse to a smooth polished band.

Further Details

Gemstones3.10ct D VS1 Type IIa antique cut moval diamond - with GIA certificate and GIA Type IIa certificate.
Condition ReportNew
Weight description18.6 grams
DimensionsUK size N 1/2, US size 6.75 (Can be adjusted)
Front center: 22.8mm
Band: 3mm

Directors Notes

The Hancocks Disorient collection is characterised by strong architectural lines that play with ideas of volume, geometry and negative space to create bold sculptural jewels that are substantial but also light, open and feminine. The complex asymmetry of each jewel belies the hours of work taken to handcraft this jewel, ensuring that every line and angle was perfectly balanced in order to create the bold, dynamic effect.

All diamonds can be classified into two main categories which are referred to as ‘types’, depending on the trace elements that are naturally present within the carbon crystal structure of the diamond. Type I diamonds contain small amounts of nitrogen whereas Type II diamonds do not. Each of these types is then subdivided further and the term Type IIA is used to denote the very purest diamonds. This means there are no measurable impurities in the diamond of any kind which makes these stones exceptionally rare, they make up less than 2% of all gem quality diamonds found worldwide. Not only can these stones be perfectly colourless but they also possess an exceptional level of transparency which enhances their beauty and allows the brilliance and fire of the diamond to be appreciated to the fullest.
Famous examples of Type IIA diamonds include the Koh-i-Noor and the Cullinan, which are part of the Crown Jewels, as well as the Krupp diamond which Richard Burton bought for Elizabeth Taylor and was later renamed the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond.

The moval shape is a beautiful marriage between the elongated elegance of the marquise cut with the more generous profile and softly rounded ends of an oval. Popular during the early 20th century, it is now beginning to regain the attention and appreciation we believe it deserves.


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Within the archives of the London jewellers Hancocks, there exists the most extraordinary book.  Large, heavy and showing distinct signs of age it is filled with page after page of diary entries documenting almost one hundred and twenty years of not only company history but social history as well.  

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