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You get asscher cut diamonds and then you get insanely beautiful antique asscher cut diamonds! Not all diamonds are equal just because they have the same GIA grade! We have set this stunning gem in one of our classic gypsy-set designs to show off the amazing geometric facetting and big cut corners. This is my type of diamond!
Something a little different from us today but no less beautiful! This wonderful 18th century snuff box is French and has been exquisitely made in three different colours of gold. It is highly decoratively chased and the top has a vertical oval cartouche centred with an urn filled with a floral and foliate arrangement with ribbon bows tied to the handles and with surrounding scroll motifs. A scroll and foliate border encircles the lid, sides and base all set against a ground of horizontal lines with a circular and zig zag repeated motif.  The hinged lid opens to reveal a plain polished interior with the maker’s initials JCB on the lid, base and side as well as the charge and discharge marks of Henri Clavel (1780-82).  Snuff is powdered tobacco which is sniffed up the nose and the use of it became increasingly popular in Europe during the 17th century. By the 18th century it was being enjoyed by nobility, aristocracy and monarchy and used by men and women alike. This popular habit spawned the need for practical little boxes in which to keep the snuff clean and dry which in turn led to the elevation of this necessity and the creation of beautiful, decorative and often bespoke boxes in the finest of materials.  The snuff box became a popular accessory and one of the most attractive and decorative personal items carried by a gentleman. Today they are highly collectable and this pretty box would make a lovely addition to an existing collection or perhaps be the start of a new one!
A classic vintage Zodiac cuff in 18ct yellow gold designed by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. in 1978. Taurus the Bull was Peretti’s own star sign - see our stories for her comments on this as well as more images. Full details on our website.