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Whether you believe in auspicious numbers or not there’s no denying this 8.88ct old mine brilliant diamond is something rather special. Coming to the website soon, once I’ve finished admiring it.✨
Our gorgeous new Ceylon sapphire ring with elegantly tapering shoulders channel set with calibre cut sapphires. Fresh off the bench and added to the website. 💙
Sunburst motifs, along with crescent moons and stars were popular motifs during the mid to late Victorian era. However, the sun is an ancient symbol and has been depicted across all cultures throughout time from the ancient Egyptians onwards.  Representative of eternal life, power, birth and divinity the sunburst is found in many forms represented in architecture, heraldry, art, jewellery and more.  This beautiful brooch has been set with a multitude of bright and lively diamonds and whilst it isn’t going to keep you warm, it certainly shines brightly.
Diamonds, turquoise and gold - the ultimate summer trio.  These spectacle set necklaces are made in-house in both 16” and 18” lengths with varying numbers and sizes of gems. A lovely, easy, wear with everything necklace. 💙🤍💛
But in case you were wondering it’s 7.06cts of old mine brilliant cut diamonds- because the only thing better than an old mine cut is of course - three of them! ....#oldminecut #oldminediamond #oldcutdiamonds #oldcutdiamondring #finejewellery #lovediamonds #diamondjewellery #diamondjewelry #hautejoaillerie
A Victorian five stone gypsy ring set with lovely chunky old mine cuts in gold that has a lovely patina and softness to it. It’s a perfect pinky ring, a simple stacking ring or maybe an unconventional engagement ring for someone looking for something a little different.
Over 100 years old and still an absolute knockout! Made c.1915, this ring is set with a bright and lively old European brilliant cut diamond weighing a whisker over 9cts. It has lovely proportions and the characteristic features of a deep crown, small table facet and open culet that we love so much. Full details and more photos are on our website.
Insects were hugely popular motifs in Victorian jewellery and meaning was attached to them all - the dragonfly represented metamorphism and change, for obvious reasons. This is a lovely example, the old cut diamonds are bright and sparkly and the delicate antennae and legs have been carefully crafted, it would look perfect pinned to a shoulder, lapel or even hat where it would appear to have alighted briefly before flying off again.
Some of our jewelled menagerie have been busy rehearsing for their star turn…. 🌟  #animaljewelry #animals #animaljewellery #animalsofinstagram #animalbrooch #cuteanimals #funnyanimals #vintagejewelry #bringbackthebrooch