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This is one of our favourite cuts for diamonds.  The old mine brilliant cut (also known as old miners) are either square or rectangular cushion shaped diamonds with clearly rounded corners and sides.  The style developed after the discovery of diamonds in Brazil in about 1725 which facilitated experiments in cutting due to the large increase in available stones.  Eager as ever to retain as much weight as possible, cutters still followed the shape of the rough crystals but now corners became more rounded and the number of facets increased.   The discovery of diamonds in South Africa during the late 1860’s coincided with revolutionised mechanical cutting methods. This saw the fashion for new round cut diamonds replace these cushion shaped stones which then became known as ‘old mine’ diamonds. Today the name old mine brilliant still describes a cushion shaped diamond with a small table facet, high crown and polished culet. These features allow old mine cuts to have a huge amount of fire and life, even in dimly-lit environments.  We love it for the gentleness of its outline, generous sense of volume and of course that incredible fire and life.
Can’t. Stop. Staring. 😳  Very taken with this colour combo of Burmese ruby and fancy orange-yellow diamonds. Bezel setting plays up the geometric shape of the stones and keeps the look clean and contemporary, a very chic little number indeed. Full details on our website. 🧡❤️🧡
This incredible ring oozes sophistication, the colour of the old mine cut diamond is spectacular. We’ve set it with two antique cut white pear shape diamonds in 18ct rose gold.
Do your ears deserve a treat?! What could be better than these gorgeous old cut diamonds on super simple hook drops to dazzle and dance and demand attention. The size? A not terribly discreet 6.3cts in each ear but we’re sure you’re worth it! 😉
A French Retro ring with all the style and panache you’d expect from a cocktail ring of this period. The volume, sweeping curvaceous asymmetric form, pavé gems, stepped edges - I could go on. Suffice to say if you’re looking for a statement ring to add some sparkle to your life - maybe this is it?!
Our ruby and emerald ring is giving us some very festive vibes with its gorgeous red and green colour combo. The ruby is Burmese and the emeralds have been calibre cut to fit the band perfectly, a lovely little ring and not just for Christmas!
When jewellery wears jewellery it’s got to be good right?!  This gorgeous Edwardian moonstone and diamond brooch has recently arrived with us and I can’t stop staring at that gorgeous cameo and the ethereal blueish glow of the moonstone (known as adularescence to us gemologists) which roams across the surface as it’s turned. It’ll be coming to our website soon.
Exceptional, rare and beautiful. Another look at the stunning facetting of this D colour, internally flawless diamond.
New arrival 🎉 These heavenly antique lyre-shaped diamond and pearl earrings are Victorian c.1880s. They have a beautiful shape, generous size, lively old cut diamonds and lustrous creamy pearls - what more could you want?!? ✨
Sometimes the most simple designs can be the most superb (when done properly!)
The most beautiful autumnal coloured old mine diamond of the warmest fancy-dark orangey-brown colour. It’s 4.13ct and set with old-cut pears in rose gold, pearfectly lovely. 🍂🤎