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If you love old cut diamonds this beautiful rose cut is sure to set your heart a flutter. Just look how the light catches all those little triangular facets✨ Set into a Victorian Gothic revival pendant highlighted with black enamel and embellished with further old cut diamonds, this pendant is a total show stopper.
Shut the front door! No, your eyes are not deceiving you… this is a spectacularly rare and sensational antique pink pear shape natural diamond… we have made a ring traditional in style around it as a nod to the period it is from.
Revelling in the pure watery depths of this truly exceptional 7.79ct Golconda diamond. Recently finished, we’re thrilled to be able to offer this beauty for sale.  All diamonds can be classified into two main categories which are referred to as ‘types’, depending on the trace elements that are naturally present within the carbon crystal structure of the diamond.  Type I diamonds contain small amounts of nitrogen whereas Type II diamonds do not.  Each of these types is then subdivided further and the term Type IIA is used to denote the very purest diamonds.   This means there are no measurable impurities in the diamond of any kind which makes these stones exceptionally rare, they make up less than 2% of all gem quality diamonds found worldwide. Not only can these stones be perfectly colourless but they also possess an exceptional level of transparency which enhances their beauty and allows the brilliance and fire of the diamond to be appreciated to the fullest.  Famous examples of Type IIA diamonds include the Koh-i-Noor and the Cullinan, which are part of the Crown Jewels, as well as the Krupp diamond which Richard Burton bought for Elizabeth Taylor and was later renamed the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond.
These gorgeous antique diamond cufflinks have just arrived with us. French and dating from the early 20th century they have a beautiful open work design and an elegant sparkle which is sure to add the perfect finishing touch to a suited and booted ensemble.✨
There’s so much light and life in these gorgeous chunky old European cut diamonds. You can see the generous height of the crowns as I turn the ring and this is one of the characteristics that lend these old cut stones the charm and personality that we love. These three weigh 1.81cts in total and we’ve set them flush into this fabulous 18ct gold gypsy setting. Perfect for him or her or maybe to share?!
The King of Beasts and the King of the Skies. 🦁 🦅 Our wonderful antique French bangles c.1890s are made in 18ct gold, one with lion heads and the other eagle heads. Both animals were symbolic of strength, courage and majesty and these heads definitely have a commanding presence. Both bangles have a beautiful soft patina to them and they look great worn together or one on each wrist. Available separately, all the details are on our website.