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The big sister to the ring we posted a couple of days ago. This one is 5.02cts (as opposed to 2.87ct) but the characteristics are the same and her personality is just as sparkling. The beauty of the diamond is complimented by the gorgeous detail of the hand engraving.
A perfect, easy to wear, everyday gold chain. Weighty but not too chunky, just the right length, a lovely patina, interesting link and a Cartier signature - what more could you ask for.
Fresh off the bench and coming to the website soon, is this gorgeous OEB with its high crown, small table and tiny winking culet. I’m sold.
The loveliest Asscher cut sweetened by little honeycomb shoulders.  These bullet-cut diamond shoulders are a particularly effective design and really suit geometric shaped stones like Asschers. Placed in this pattern and bezel set they resemble a stylised hexagonal honeycomb.
Pear vs OMB - whichever corner you’re in I think we can agree these are two rather special diamonds.  Both old cuts, the pear is 3.73cts and the old mine brilliant is 4.63cts. Both available on our website along with full details and more images.
Always and forever my ultimate summer jewel!🧡💙  This exceptionally lovely antique gold and coral fringe necklace dates from around the 1860s. The coral in this necklace has been beautifully matched for colour and quality and has clearly been cut and polished by an expert hand.  Pieces like this were popular souvenirs for the aristocracy and nobility who travelled Italy as part of The Grand Tour and it has survived in marvellous condition, ready to be worn for another 160 years.
We’ve set our delightful new 4.63ct old mine diamond with the sweetest little pair of pear shape shoulders, which soften the join between the centre stone and the band perfectly.
“Fabrics fade, fashions change, but the beauty of the jeweled pieces chosen from Udall and Ballou is a continuing joy, a constant enhancement of feminine charm and loveliness.”  This quote appeared in a 1930s advertisement by Udall and Ballou - makers of this wonderful ruby and diamond bangle from the same period.  Established in 1888, Udall and Ballou grew to become one of the best known and most prosperous jewellers in New York during the second quarter of the 20th Century.  During the 1920s they were one of the preeminent American jewellers retailing a wonderful array of pieces by some of the best craftsmen and jewellery manufacturers in New York including William Scheer and Oscar Heyman Bros.  In 1939 they were one of only five firms to exhibit jewellery in the sumptuous House of Jewels at the New York World’s Fair.  An undoubted sign of the high regard in which they were held.  You can see more pictures of the bracelet and read more about the story of Udall and Ballou on our website, link in bio.
This super stylish vintage Cartier ring contrasts the soft organic nature of orange coral which has been carved with gentle wave-like ripples and the supremely sparkling diamonds.  Cartier have used coral in their high jewellery since the Art Deco period but during the 1950s it enjoyed something of a resurgence and could frequently be found in rings, necklace and earrings and later whole suites.  This ring makes a glamourous statement and would be a perfect summer party ring dressed up or down.
This Victorian pearl and diamond bangle c.1880s is made in 15ct yellow gold with a hinged side opening. The front is set with four rows of creamy-white round half-pearls all interspersed with rose diamond points. The back is plain polished gold with a lovely antique patina and it’s in the original fitted leather case with silk and velvet lining by Aird & Thompson of Glasgow.  This beautiful bangle is a really lovely period piece, the pearls have been nicely matched and are in excellent condition, with the little diamond points adding a touch of sparkle in between.
Our beautiful Victorian bangles, one diamond and one emerald. The Victorians associated emeralds with vitality, re-birth and new beginnings and diamonds of course with everlasting love. They’re equally lovely and both looking for new homes and someone new to cherish them.
The dazzling delights of a D colour diamond ✨  The latest addition to our Slinky Shoulder collection is possibly my favourite so far. The diamond is so beautifully cut and proportioned and the vibrancy of those calibre emeralds is such a great contrast.
Would you be surprised if I told you this stunner was by Bulgari?  Definitely not the first name that popped into my head when this ring landed on my desk, reminding me as it did of Grace Kelly’s engagement ring - albeit squarer in shape.  But Bulgari it is, c.1960s, 8.38cts and quite the attention grabber. Available now with full details and more images on our website.