The Hancocks Journal: October

Welcome to our October edition of The Hancocks Journal.

This month our selection of jewels spans almost a hundred years from the Art Deco period through to today. We have a fabulous watch with showbiz provenance, we shine a spotlight on the relatively undervalued gemstone spinel and give you the first look at our new collection – Slinky Shoulders. Please enjoy these highlights of our latest arrivals and remember you can follow us over on Instagram @hancocks_london to keep up to date with everything new, there’s a direct link at the end of this letter.


Sammy Davis Jr Watch

This wonderfully flamboyant watch was previously owned by Sammy Davis Jr. one of the great Hollywood entertainers of the mid 20th century and famously one of the original members of the Rat Pack along with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. The watch was made by Bueche-Girod in the 1970s, in the style of a wide 18ct yellow gold bracelet formed of twisted gold threads woven into an openwork criss-cross pattern knitted style mesh. The oval watch face has been off-set to the side giving the watch an asymmetrical feel and is signed Bueche-Girod.


Burmese Spinel Ring

We are continuing to add to our collection of fine quality coloured gems for use in our house-designed jewels and this 5.37ct Burmese spinel is one of our newest acquisitions. An unusual octagonal shaped step cut gem it has been bezel set in rose gold and surrounded by a diamond frame which accentuates its geometric shape. Spinel occurs in a range of colours, from various shades of blue through purples and pinks to hot vivid reds, which are our favourites. Famous spinels include The Hope Spinel and The Black Prince’s Ruby in the Crown Jewels.

New Collection Launch


Old cut diamond rings with coloured gem shoulders by Hancocks.

This diamond ring collection is formed of a variety of shapes and sizes of old-cut diamonds all set with coloured gemstone shoulders, adding a contemporary pop of colour to an otherwise classic design.

Guy Burton Hancocks Director says, “This collection evolved from discussions we had about different ways to compliment and enhance our beautiful old cut diamond solitaire rings. We wanted something different to the diamond embellishments or hand engraved details we’d used before and came up with these slinky, colourful shoulders.”

Maker Spotlight


Vintage Gold and Diamond Serpent Bohème Bangle c.1970s

Frédéric Boucheron supplied jewels to some of the 19th century’s most famous and infamous women, from Royalty to Queens of the Night, they were all entranced by the spectacular pieces he created.

However it was a personal gift to a woman much closer to home that would become an enduring design inspiration for the firm and be revisited numerous times over the following decades.

On the eve of one of his foreign trips Frédéric gave his wife a snake necklace, trusting that this ancient symbol of love and protection would watch over her in his absence and keep her safe. Since then it has been used both literally and figuratively in Boucheron jewellery designs and is regarded as the talisman of the Maison.

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