The Hancocks Journal: June

Hello and welcome to our June edition of The Hancocks Journal.

This month we’re celebrating the approach of wedding season and keeping our fingers crossed for the lifting of all restrictions here in the UK next month.

We recently launched our tiara hire service and we’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response it’s received. We’re looking forward to helping make weddings more sparkling than ever so do get in touch if this is something you’re interested in.


Gem-Set Rooster Brooch

This fabulous fellow was made around 1910 in platinum and gold and is set with diamonds, rubies and emeralds. The gold of his neck has a finely textured finish that resembles feathers whilst that on the legs and feet is naturalistically ridged and complete with spurs. The wonderfully exuberant tail feathers are set with old cut diamonds and rubies embellish his comb and wattles. Our characterful Rooster is full of charm and personality, caught as he is, mid-stride and mid cock-a-doodle-doo.


Pear Diamond Cross Over Ring

Our stunning new platinum and D colour pear-shaped diamond cross over ring was designed and made in house. The double wrap-around band has been set with calibre-cut French cut diamonds as well as a row of round brilliant diamonds with each end terminating in a beautiful old pear diamond weighing 4.19cts combined. These old-cut pears have a lovely, rounded point, generous proportions and an open culet, which combined with their exceptional colour makes this a very special ring.

Jewel of the Month 

Antique Diamond Cluster Necklace circa 1880s

For our June Jewel of the Month we chose this beautiful Victorian diamond flower-head necklace that we recently acquired. It is set with an impressive 45cts of predominantly old mine cut diamonds, a term used to describe a cushion shaped diamond with a small table, high crown and polished culet, features which allow these stones to have a huge amount of fire and life. We think it would make the ultimate ‘something old’ for a summer bride.

Maker Spotlight


Cartier 4.21ct Old Mine Cut Diamond and Platinum Solitaire Ring

Surely no other box quickens the heart of a jewellery lover quite like the little red leather boxes of Cartier. 

The promise of something exquisite nestled inside, maybe a diamond and platinum garland necklace or perhaps something decadent from the Art Deco period, has been setting hearts a flutter for many years. To discover the story of how, in just three generations, Cartier went from selling hair ornaments, fans and Wedgwood porcelain to becoming one of the most recognised and desirable jewellery brands in the world, follow the link below.

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