November Jewel of the Month

Likely to have been made in Paris, this gorgeous strap style bracelet is wonderfully articulated and is set with four rows of old European brilliant cut diamonds in a platinum and gold honeycomb setting.

Estimated to weigh around 12cts in total, the diamonds have been carefully matched, are all high quality and have been set with minimal metal thereby creating a wonderfully bright and sparking ‘river of diamonds’ effect. Guy Burton, Director, Hancocks London, comments: “The craftsmanship is evident in the way this lovely bracelet feels so beautifully supple and almost fabric-like as it drapes across the wrist.”

The bracelet is a quintessential 1920s jewel. After the horrors of the previous decade, the Twenties was an era of parties, fun and frivolity typified and glamorised by Flapper Girls and works such as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Fashion, art, literature and music all underwent something of a revolution alongside much political and social upheaval. The 1920s saw huge changes in the way women dressed both for day and evening and as fashions changed, so too did the jewellery it was worn with. Hemlines rose, necklines dropped and sleeveless strappy dresses were de rigueur for evenings. Now that women were showing their arms, they wanted to adorn them in beautiful jewels. Bracelets became incredibly popular and were frequently worn in multiples stacked one on top of the other up the forearms. All white jewellery was very fashionable and nothing dazzled quite like diamonds set in platinum. Strap bracelets, both wide and narrow, sautoir necklaces, panel rings and chandelier earrings which served to highlight the new cropped hair styles were worn by fashionable wealthy young women to cocktail parties, dances and nights in smoky jazz clubs.

Guy Burton adds: “As parties and social gatherings become part of our lives once again and thoughts start turning towards Christmas and New Year celebrations, this bracelet is ready to be taken out for another night on the town!”

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