New Bezel Collection Launch


July 2021: Hancocks London is unveiling its first new collection since lockdown easing this summer.

Named ‘The Bezel Collection’, it features a selection of beautiful diamond rings which have been designed by the jeweller and hand-crafted in Britain, all during the pandemic.

The collection comprises a series of rings ranging from £3,950 to bespoke commissions and officially launches in July, both in its shop, located in Mayfair’s Burlington Arcade, and also online.

Guy Burton, Director of Hancocks London, explains: “With this collection we wanted to keep the focus on the beautiful antique and vintage diamonds we use rather than embellishing these stones with too many other gems or elaborate settings.

“The beauty of a bezel style setting is its elegance and simplicity. This type of setting, which is also known as a rubover setting, suits all sizes and shapes of diamonds. For example, we have used it on rounded shapes such as old mine cuts and old European cuts as well as straight and pointed shapes such as emerald-cuts and pear shapes. The gold carefully encircles the widest part of the stone and can be used to really accentuate and call attention to the shape of that stone.”

Bezel-designed rings have been spotted on American actress Rooney Mara following her engagement with Joaquin Phoenix and Emily in Paris star Lily Collins who describes her ring as her “favourite accessory” following her engagement to writer and director Charlie McDowell.

While bezel settings look clean, crisp and contemporary their history can be traced back thousands of years. Ancient civilizations used this simple method of wrapping a gemstone in metal to set cabochon gems of carnelian, lapis lazuli and jasper into rings and other jewelled items.

It is also a highly practical style of setting as there are no claws to catch on anything and the entire circumference of the stone is embraced by metal meaning it is protected from accidental chipping or damage.  It suits people with an active lifestyle looking to wear precious gems in the safest way possible. 

Guy Burtons sums up: “Whether for stylistic reasons, aesthetic preferences or practical considerations, this is a style of setting that appeals to many and marries tradition and modernity beautifully.”

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