May Jewel of the Month

A Vintage ‘Procris’ Pendant on 18ct Yellow Gold ‘Mésopatamia’ Chain

Hancocks London has chosen a piece of jewellery that marries art with adornment for its Jewel of the Month for May.

Designed by French artist Georges Braque and produced by the highly regarded and experienced jeweller Baron Heger de Löwenfeld, this vintage French 18ct yellow gold ‘Procris’ pendant features a stylised bird depicted in a vibrant green enamel. It sits elegantly on a long ‘Mésopatamia’ chain composed of hoops interconnected by pairs of baton links.

Dated 1963, the piece is rare given it is in an unfinished edition of just 75 and is signed ‘Bijoux de Braque’ and ‘Procris-V8/75’ with French marks and maker’s marks.

Guy Burton, Managing Director, Hancocks London, explains: “Born in 1882, Georges Braque was renowned for his ground breaking contributions to the Cubist movement. He discovered a passion for jewellery design aged 79, in the twilight years of his incredible career.

“Collaborating with Baron Heger de Löwenfeld, the duo created ‘Bijoux de Braque’, a collection of 113 sculptural and distinctly unique jewels, each christened with mythological names. Tragically, both Braque and Lôwenfeld passed away before completing the limited edition of 75 pieces, rendering these pieces even more exclusive and coveted.

“I’m sure it will catch collectors’ eyes given it is a piece that embodies the spirit of avant-garde artistry and meticulous craftsmanship. It’s a testament to Braque’s genius, a piece of art history while also being a wearable work of art, from his first and only jewellery collection.”

Over a hundred items designed by Braque were exhibited at the Musée du Louvre from March to May 1963, just before his death. The pieces were inspired by myths and themes of birds and fish, each bearing a symbolic name of a classical god. More than 50,000 people attended and the French state purchased 12 pieces of jewellery.

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