June Jewel of the Month.

This wonderful Victorian floral inspired necklace c.1880s is composed of eighteen round flower head clusters, each centred with an old cut diamond within a halo surround of further diamonds. These are graduated in size and separated by a single collet set diamond spacer with gold chain links, all set in silver and gold with the clasp cleverly concealed behind the smallest cluster.

The necklace contains an impressive 45cts of antique diamonds. They are predominantly old mine cut stones, a term used to describe a cushion shaped diamond with a small table facet, high crown and polished culet, features which allow these stones to display a huge amount of fire and life, even in dimly-lit environments.   

Dating from around the 1880s, the style and quality of the necklace suggests it is likely to have been made in London. The idea is similar to that of the classic rivière style necklaces that were such a popular design during the 18th and 19th centuries in so far as the fluidity and movement in the piece enables the diamonds to flow around the base of the throat in a ripple of light.  However there is a delicacy to the design of this necklace that many traditional rivières lack. The round clusters with their floral inspired shape have a feeling of lightness to them despite their size. This is due to the diamond surround being set slightly apart from the centre stones thereby allowing your eye to see space and light between them. 

This is a beautiful necklace that has no doubt been worn to many a special event over the last hundred and forty years and is now just waiting for its next occasion to shine. 

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