July Jewel of the Month

If you are searching for the perfect summer statement jewel, look no further than Hancocks Jewel of the Month for July – a show stopping Buccellati Two Tone Gold Cuff Bracelet.

This beautiful two-tone 18ct gold cuff bracelet is by the Italian master jeweller Mario Buccellati. Dated c.1960, the wide cuff takes a bold asymmetric form and couples exceptional craftsmanship with the Italian love of glamour. One half is in yellow gold and the other in white, but both are fully engraved with the Maison’s familiar ‘rigato’ engraving. This particular engraving style features a pattern of many fine parallel lines, shallow engraved into the surface to create a wonderfully tactile finish with a soft sheen reminiscent of silk.

The white gold side is offset against the yellow and overlaps it at the front in a pointed arrow shape, the end is heavily embellished with another engraving style, called ‘ornato’, which seeks to echo the patterns of Renaissance brocades and damasks.

The cuff is a real statement jewel with the different colours and textures creating contrast and visual interest whilst the bold size and shape create drama. The most distinguishing feature of Mario Buccellati’s jewellery was his gold work and he wanted to fully explore his long-held fascination with the metal and all that could be achieved with it. He researched age old techniques and experimented with antique-style tools in an effort to realise his design dreams.

He was hugely inspired by the Renaissance era, in particular the opulent fabrics, delicate damasks and fine Venetian laces which he sought to emulate in his jewels. He elevated the art of engraving to new heights in an effort to leave no jewel with “untouched gold”. Every surface would be enhanced with a range of different engraving styles as he sought to create from metal the same lightness, fluidity and textures that were usually the preserve of fabric.

Guy Burton, Managing Director, Hancocks London, comments: “This cuff is a very unusual design and it has a cool, contemporary vibe despite being around 60 years old. There is a simplicity to it that belies the incredible skill it takes to work gold in this way. “This is a design that we’ve never seen before so we were delighted to discover it and be able to offer it for sale, complete with its original dark blue leather and velvet box.” Click here to see more.

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