Rood, S J

Founded 1873

In addition to this they were also diamond merchants dealing in a wide variety of loose stones and by the turn of the century the business was enjoying great success.

They came to the attention of the Royal Family and in particular Queen Mary who became a regular and valued client. She granted the firm her Royal Warrant and during the first half of the 20th century commissioned many pieces from them.  Of particular interest was the series of rings, each one individual and made to order, that she had created for each of her ladies-in-waiting on the occasion of their engagement.  Between 1918 and 1952 at least twelve such rings were made including a large old-cut diamond cluster for Mary in 1918 and in 1927 a beautiful diamond solitaire for Constantine.

In 1963 they acquired the renowned jewellery firm of Cecil Drayson Ltd. after the founder, Keith Drayson, passed away.  The two businesses had a longstanding relationship and had worked closely together for many years.  Rood remained trading from their Burlington Arcade location until the end of the century when, in 1998, they were bought out by Hancocks & Co. who took over their premises and have remained there ever since.