Founded 1975

The Maison Poiray was founded in 1975 by François Hérail and Michel Ermelin and named as a tribute to the legendary early 20th century French couturier Paul Poiret. 

Established in the heart of Paris’s famous Place Vendôme, they focused on creating elegant, fashion conscious jewellery with inspiration drawn from the Art Deco period, shot through with Parisian chic and enhanced with a sense of joie de vivre that would appeal to the modern woman.  The house style is defined by full and generous shapes contrasted with pure lines and a series of stylised motifs and themes such as hearts, braid and filigree all combined with fine workmanship and bold gemstones.  

In 1980 they created their first watch and five years later launched the ‘Ma Première’ watch design which became an immediate bestseller with its easy to change colourful and elegant straps.  This spirit of adaptability and personalisation was echoed in the collection ‘Ma Préférence’ which allowed clients to swap the gemstones in specially designed rings and pendants thereby enabling them to build a collection unique to them.    

The company expanded to open further stores in France as well as oversees in Japan and China.  Over the years they have undertaken a series of collaborations with other brands such as the Swedish jewellery designer Hanna Wallmark, the Brazilian inspired brand Hipanema and the iconic luxury French fashion house Carven.  All of which no doubt helped to pave the way for their recent appointment of jewellery designer Aurélie Bidermann as the new creative director.  The brand may have their roots firmly in the past but their eyes are very much on the future.