Lummertz, Irene

Founded 2004

Irene Lummertz’s interest in gemstones was sparked at an early age by her father who was a gemmologist.  

She recalls how they would go exploring and collect gems together in the Paraiba area of Brazil where they lived as well as other gem rich areas of the country.  Brazil is renowned for producing a huge array of coloured gems and this wonderfully varied resource eventually inspired Irene to start designing jewellery.  After several years spent working in Europe she was drawn back home and in 2004 she started her eponymous business, creating bold, glamorous cocktail jewels.  Each piece is handmade in 18ct yellow gold and set with colourful faceted gemstones such as citrine, aquamarine, amethyst and tourmaline. Now based in the US, Lummertz regularly travels to Brazil to hand select the gemstones for her designs and to oversee all aspects of production of her jewellery.