Hammerman Brothers

Founded 1946

The American firm of Hammerman Brothers was founded in New York in 1946 by Benjamin, Hyman and Bernard Hammerman.  

The three brothers had all recently returned from war when they decided to go into business together and set up a jewellery manufacturing company.  They built their reputation on making high quality fine jewellery in 18ct gold and platinum set with beautiful gems. Over time they expanded their business vertically with the introduction of the Kelman Casting Company and the Bermont Diamond Company meaning that as much of the process and supply could be brought in house as possible.  The brothers were astute businessmen and grew one of the largest and most successful jewellery manufacturers in America supplying many jewellers throughout the States, Europe and the Middle East. Today the firm remains family run with all jewellery still made in house in their New York atelier at 50West 57th Street.