Founded 1954

The Georland atelier was founded in Paris by Georges Richard and Roland Bouder in 1954, the company name deriving from a combination of their Christian names. 

The business specialised in fine jewellery manufacture and as their reputation gradually grew, they began to attract the attention of the prestigious Maisons of the Place Vendôme.  Before long they were creating entire collections for a variety of famous jewellers and after only a few years they were able to open a second workshop in New York in 1958. During the 1960’s and 70’s the business expanded into Europe with commissions coming from Geneva and the UK for rings, necklaces and whole suites of jewels. 

Over time their reputation spread to the Middle and Far East and many exceptional pieces were created in the workshop which by now was owned by Henry Marteau.  Jewellery, objet d’art and even gold and gem set chandeliers were commissioned from wealthy clients.  During the 1990’s Henry’s sons Stéphane and Jean-Gabriel joined the company bringing with them the energy and focus to drive the business into the new millennium.  They invested in new technology and manufacturing tools and explored different areas of gemstone procurement including sourcing at the mine, all of which saw the turnover and client numbers double within less than a decade.  Their jewels were worn by royalty with Princess Diana photographed wearing a striking diamond and sapphire necklace and earrings created by the firm.

When the third generation joined, Romain moved to the States to run the New York concern whilst his brothers and cousin Axel, Clément, and Jean-Jérome worked alongside their fathers in Paris. In 2011 Georland stepped out of the shadows and now create beautiful jewellery under their own name.