Founded 1933

Jewellery firm Gazdar was established in Mumbai in 1933 by brothers Rusi and Dinshah Gazdar.  Their boutique was situated inside the historic Taj Mahal Hotel and they also established a manufacturing facility where they employed top craftsmen from Austria, Sri Lanka and India.  They built their reputation on using quality gemstones and natural pearls coupled with fine craftsmanship.  Alongside the contemporary jewellery they created, the firm also carries an impressive range of heritage inspired jewellery and they specialise in ‘jadau’ a beautiful technique that dates back to the Mughal period, and was perfected by skilled Iranian and Indian craftsmen.  Gazdar explains “Each piece made of 24-karat gold is embedded with uncut diamonds called polka or vilandi, precious and semi-precious stones, gems and crystals. The meenakari engraving on the back is a testament to the fragile and elegant artwork of the master craftsmen who fashion each piece with artistic precision.”

They attracted the attention of the Nizam as well as the Royal families of several princely Indian states such as Patiala and Baroda who all became clients. Hollywood stars such as Alfred Hitchcock, Shirley Mclean, and Gregory Peck were also drawn to the bold elegant designs which the firm created, infused with their trademark historical flavour.

In 1990 the business passed to Dharmendra Gandhi who had been working with the Gazdars since the 1970s. Today he remains at the helm running the company alongside his son Ravin.  Gazdar jewellery, both contemporary and heritage deigns, are still characterised by stunning gemstones set in designs that honour the beauty and culture of India. Their collection also includes Mughal, Indian and Chinese jade, porcelain and crystal objet d’art, all in keeping with the regal grandeur of the firm’s image.