Burton, Amy


“My aim is to design finely crafted beautiful jewellery that people will love, balancing unusual and original design with elegance and wearability.”

In some ways Amy has been moving towards the launch of her eponymous fine jewellery collection her whole life.  Born into a family who deal in some of the most exceptional antique and vintage jewels on the market, it was perhaps inevitable that these pieces would inspire her to want to create her own.  She joined the family business, Hancocks London, in 2009 and started buying antique and signed jewellery whilst simultaneously studying for diplomas in diamond grading and gemmology at London’s Gemmological Association, gaining the coveted qualifications of D.G.A. and F.G.A.

Inspired and informed by her newly acquired gem knowledge, Amy began to buy beautiful, unique gemstones imagining all the ways she could bring these to life and make them wearable.  Realising that the best way to accurately communicate all these ideas was to learn the art and technique of jewellery design she enrolled on a course at the highly regarded Gemological Institute of America.

Here she learnt how to render her designs in detail and with the exacting precision that allowed others to see and understand them too. Constant practice honed her innate artistic ability and she began to develop a style that was identifiably her own. This was recognised at the end of the course when she won the H. Goldie Jewelry Design Competition for 2013.  Two years later she was awarded ‘Silver’ in the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council annual awards for her ‘Skyline’ rings. These cleverly depicted the skylines of cities including London and Paris using irregular and interesting shaped diamonds to form landmarks such as the Shard and the Gherkin.

Having always felt drawn towards bold, stylish jewels, Amy wanted to create unusual but wearable fine jewellery with a strong design aesthetic.  She drew inspiration from a wide range of sources including art, travel and sculpture all of which are reflected in these new collections. Along with her appreciation of design Amy also believes strongly in the importance of fine craftsmanship and quality handmade work. Consequently all her jewellery is made here in the UK by hugely experienced and talented master craftsmen each chosen for their particular expertise.

Amy’s collections are unified by their exciting shapes, use of stunning gemstones and fine craftsmanship whilst simultaneously each maintaining its own distinct identity and personality.