Aletto Bros.

Founded 1880s

The Aletto family have been making fine hand crafted jewellery for five consecutive generations beginning in Italy in the 19th century.  Bartolomeo was a Neapolitan goldsmith who was commissioned to design and make a special piece of jewellery to celebrate the completion of the Eiffel Tower and its place at the opening of the 1889 Exposition Universelle in Paris.

 His son Raffaele carried on the family name and reputation working for many leading Italian jewellers of the period.

The third generation, Alberto, emigrated in 1949 from Naples to Caracas in Venezuela where he established himself and built a business that would eventually employ over 100 people in a manufactory there.  In 1962 he moved with his family to New York where his four sons Alfredo, Franco, Roberto and Alberto continued in the family tradition, working side by side at the bench, honing their creative talents and inspiring each other to great levels of excellence.

Now based in the Boca Raton area of Florida, the business is run by Alfredo who has devoted his career to the art of fine jewellery and is passionate about the whole process from design, lapidary work, stone setting and goldsmithing.  The firm is renowned for their immense skill in invisible-setting and they have created sapphire flower brooches, flexible ribbon-like ruby bracelets and bold domed earrings showcasing this technically demanding style of setting.  Alongside this they have created a charming menagerie of animal jewels, rings and necklaces set with a kaleidoscope of coloured gems and their pieces regularly exceed estimates when they appear at auction.  

Alfredo is now assisted by his three sons Alberto the eldest, who has worked with his father for over 12 years as well as Luigi and Mario who are all determined to continue in their great-great-grandfathers footsteps and preserve the Aletto name and reputation for fine quality craftsmanship and beautiful jewellery.