Hancocks Today


Hancocks remains a family owned London jewellers to this day, with the Burton family moving the firm into its current location in the famous Burlington Arcade in 1992.

Today the jewellery collection consists of the very finest examples from antique to retro, offering our clients jewels from the very greatest jewellery houses to have existed. In keeping with our heritage we are also specialists in old cut diamonds and gemstones, using them to make exquisite unique pieces created by some of the most experienced craftsmen alive today. We always have a stunning collection of Objets D’Art and silver at any given time.

The collection ranges from antique pieces by the gothic goldsmith master Wiese, micro-mosaic perfectionists Castellani and Giuliano to the Art-Nouveau sensationalist Rene Lalique. The revolutionary Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 1930s were defined by pioneers such as Fouquet, Boivin, Belperron and immortalized by Cartier and VCA; all of which feature, amongst others, in our collection. The post-war period was dominated by the aforementioned houses that survived the turbulent first half of the 20th century and had established a fine reputation by this time; they continued to make jewellery in keeping with the fashions of the era and defining decades with various iconic pieces which we are constantly on the lookout for.

Our focus on old cut gems, especially diamonds, is based on our belief that the older style of cutting produced a vastly superior stone aesthetically compared to their modern counterparts mass-produced today. With these old cut stones we create pieces that reflect the style of the age of the cut, or we create bespoke, commissioned jewels.

Silverware has been a staple part of business for Hancocks since 1849. Today we are proud to offer some of the rarest and most collectible pieces by revered silversmiths such as Omar Ramsden to contemporary limited edition pieces that are made exclusively for us.

Amassing a collection such as this is no mean feat and Hancocks constantly travels the globe to seek out the best and most interesting pieces. The family and team here at Hancocks all have their own areas of expertise enabling them to offer our customers a unique, professional and friendly experience.